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ChangSheng Animal Husbandry Machinery co., LTD is a professional private enterprises pig design, pig equipment, pig breeding, feed additives, veterinary drugs and equipment, pig technology promotion and exchange of the pig industry chain.

The companies Kang, animal husbandry, pig plant specializes in pig design the composite fecal leakage board, cement leakage fecal board, bed capacity, conservation bed, positioning bar manger, fan automated pig equipment production and sales; camphor Creek pig farm cultivating Sutai black pig in order to improve the meat quality of pigs, farrowing rate, feed conversion and resistance to disease as an excellent strain; fenshui Off pig farm pure eastern Guangdong, southern region for a long time kinds of Duroc, Landrace, Large White and two yuan pig; Jinrui veterinary drugs committed to build a one-stop, full service platform of high character, agent well-known manufacturers of quality products, a blend of a boutique industry, strict quality control Off to allow customers to buy the Heart, must be assured.

The company determined revolutionized the concept of traditional pig, and promote scientific pig, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and bring more wealth to the majority of pig friend, health, animal husbandry and willing to work in this highly competitive era with friends to share resources, to grow together, become dependents the pig industry best partner for success on the road. 


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